Musical Director – As a musical director Rob can work with individual singers, working out best keys and getting the best out of soloists, and also with larger groups.  Working with existing harmony, adapting or arranging from scratch, Rob will get the best out of your talent.

Rehearsal pianist – Rob is a very experienced sight reader, and plays in a variety of styles, with the ability to transpose and to follow a conductor or instructions for a director.

Bass Guitarist – Rob is a very experienced sight reader of a variety of styles. Consistency, along with versatile sound.

Keyboardist/Pianist – Rob will perform alongside you or as part of your production.  Playing either piano or synth, covering brass, strings, and any other noises that are required.

Arranging for orchestra or choir – Rob will take your requirements, acquire music and arrange to your specifications for the instruments/voices of your choice.

Backing track – Rob will create piano rehearsal tracks or backing tracks (with drums, bass etc) to fit your specific requirements.  


Please get in touch to discuss your project.